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In 1922 Käthe Kollwitz was commissioned to create the poster for the first international anti-war day (September 21, 1924). In a letter to her friend Beate Bonus-Jeep, Käthe comments on the work “the survivors” which is the image featured in the poster.

They become aware of any new terrible danger of war and want to launch a counter-propaganda program. Large posters illuminating the consequences of war are to be distributed in 14 European countries. […] You may imagine how deeply involved I have become. My initial plan was this: Women protecting their children, huddling together to form a black lump on the large white poster sheet – like animals defending their brood. But the people in Amsterdam insist on a design that shows the survivors, so this is what I am going to do. Parents, widows, blind people, surrounded by children with their anxiously quizzical, puzzled eyes and pale faces.

–Käthe Kollwitz

From: Beate Bonus Jeep, Sixty Years of Friendship with Käthe Kollwitz

Keeping tradition, War Against War is determined to end wars through peaceful expression. Using the resources on this page, anyone can spread the word and inform others about ending war, peacefully.

The Agenda welcomes Dr. Brian McCrindle, a pediatric cardiologist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and a serious collector and benefactor of Kollwitz’s work.

Kollwitz stood up to the Nazi Gestapo by creating art that challenged the narrative of those engaged in war. While Käthe passed in 1945, her message is alive and more important than ever today. You can help spread the word about her work, which is internationally recognized and held in the most celebrated collections on earth, by downloading and printing this poster and contributing to creating lasting peace for all.

Below are resources for understanding the contemporary peace movement in the United States. These can be found for free by most public libraries or university libraries.

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