The Campaign to End Wars

We call on all governments to acknowledge the necessity to end war and ask for their support in achieving peace globally through non-violence.

Millions of people have been killed in wars since 1945, yet none of these conflicts have led to lasting peace globally. We need to embrace a new approach focused on non-violence at its core. Individuals can collectively impact this process through the creation of art focused on creating peace and ending wars.

War is simply not the answer to any of the issues we face globally and we ask for your support in ending wars by advocating for peace at any chance you get. Ending war is possible, but it takes everyone’s support all the time. Making art, music, food, and promoting other cultures allows a space for dialogue about what it might take to end war globally through non-violent means. Use your community spaces for dialogue to focus on strategies for ending war. Together we have the power to make the world a better place within our lifetime.


Use the hashtag #letsendwars to share images of how you wage peace to end wars. Connect with others using the hashtag on social media to promote messages aimed at ending war globally.