Yemen can’t wait: A case study and insider’s account of a unique success by the US peace movement to help end a calamitous war

Peace &Change, EarlyView.


Peace, disarmament, and anti-war advocacy in the United States has a long and proud history, while facing longstanding challenges to its effectiveness given the overwhelming militaristic and undemocratic issues facing the country. A growing trend toward intersectionality is necessary and welcome, but not yet bearing much fruit in terms of progress toward de-militarizing US foreign (and domestic) policy. However, peace forces within the United States are continuously at work despite the national government's foreign policy priorities. This article will provide a snapshot of the peace movement, its priorities, actions, and prospects for the future in addressing the perplexing and difficult path to peace in the war in Yemen.

This was originally published on Wiley: Peace & Change: Table of Contents.